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At Fort Vancouver National Historic Site, we offer a variety of education programs to meet teacher and student needs.

For the 2014-2015 school year, fall/winter programs begin on September 29, 2014 and spring programs begin on March 2, 2015. Education programs are offered Mondays through Fridays. Guided programs do require reservations. Please click on the program links below to learn more!

2014-15 Fall/Winter Programs: Kindergarten - 8th Grade

This program will be offered Monday through Friday; September 29 through February 13, 2014.

2015 Spring Programs: Kindergarten - 8th Grade


Here at Fort Vancouver National Historic Site we are excited to announce a new education program for the 2015 Spring School Tours. It's called "Understanding Our Past and Ourselves: Students time travel to the 1840's to experience life at Hudson's Bay Company post at Fort Vancouver."

We will be offering a Part I and a Part II for this new program. Part I will focus on the jobs of the gentlemen and chief factors inside the fort and Part II will focus on the trade jobs worked both inside and outside of the fort. Part I will be held Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 9:30 am and 11:30 am, with both tours lasting up to an hour and a half. Part II will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:30 am and 11:30 am, with tours lasting up to an hour and a half.

Your class(es) do not have to sign-up for both Part I and II in order to experience a well-rounded education program at Fort Vancouver. However, to experience the full "Understanding Our Past and Ourselves" program we highly recommend reserving a spot in both parts. You also don't need to take Part I before you take Part II. We have set up this program to best suit your class'(es') schedule, as an example, if you need to sign-up for Part II in late March and then come back for Part I in early June, you will still be receiving the full effect of the program.

Email e-mail us with your questions.

2014-15 Year Round Programs: Kindergarten - High School

This Program is available year round Mondays through Fridays. Educators have the opportunity to guide their own groups. No Reservation is required, however, notification allows staff to prepare for your visit.

Schedule a Field Trip

This series of lessons invites you to turn your attention to the Fort Vancouver Village, which was the home for many hundreds of Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) employees, their families, and visiting traders and travelers during the period of 1829 to 1860. It was a highly diverse population, with residents from Europe, over 30 American Indian tribes — spanning the continent from the Iroquois nation to Native Hawaiian Islanders — and those of multiethnic origin, the Métis.

This series of lessons invites students to learn about this surprising story using objects left behind by the villagers themselves. As such, it encourages learners to engage in the kind of historical thinking expected by Washington's Grade Level Expectations (GLEs) and Classroom Based Assessments (CBAs.)

Our experiences suggest that this is a unit best taught to middle school students, but one which could easily be adapted for elementary or high school students. The lesson series would serve students before, after, or instead of a field trip to Fort Vancouver.

2015 Public Archaeology Field School: College & University Students (graduate and undergraduate)

Portland State University, Washington State University Vancouver, and the National Park Service are pleased to announce the annual field school in historical archaeology at Fort Vancouver National Historic Site. The program will introduce the method and theory of fieldwork in historical archaeology. Students will participate in all aspects of field and laboratory work: laying out units, excavation by shovel and trowel, mapping, drawing, photography, and cleaning, identifying, and analyzing artifacts. This year's project will continue the use of digital recording using tablet computers to assist in recording of the dig site and grave monuments. The season includes lectures by guest speakers and staff. The National Park Service and its partners are committed to sharing cultural resources and preservation values with the public. On a rotating basis, students will discuss the field school activities with visitors, including interpreting the significance of the site and the educational purposes of the project.

Public History Field School: College & University Students (graduate and undergraduate)

The Fort Vancouver Public History Field School is a partnership program between the History Department at Portland State University, the Creative Media & Digital Culture Program at Washington State University Vancouver, the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication at Washington State University, and the National Park Service (NPS) at Fort Vancouver National Historic Site.

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