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Archaeology For Kids

Kids Digs

At Fort Vancouver, archaeology is an essential lens for studying the past, especially the communities who left no written records. In this program, designed for upper elementary students, students learn basic archaeology through participating in a mock excavation, guided by college students participating in the Public Archaeology Field School.

Students run all aspects of the excavation, including excavating with trowels, screening dirt, measuring and mapping their finds, and recording other data. This program also teaches the reasoning behind resource protection laws, and helps children learn the importance of stewardship of national treasures.

Please check the park's special events calendar for a schedule of dates for Kids Digs.

Wee Dig Archaeology

Young students learn about stratigraphy, an important concept of archaeology


Wee Dig Archaeology

Young campers are introduced to the science of archaeology and the history of Fort Vancouver! Big words translate to basic concepts as campers compare excavation to a puzzle, stratigraphy to a layer cake, and themselves to artifacts and archaeologists! Campers visit an 1840s children's bedroom, explore a hands-on archaeology exhibit, and see real artifacts to learn how archaeology teaches us about the lives of children who lived at Fort Vancouver. A historic snack, recess full of 1840s games, climb to the top of the bastion, and Junior Archaeologist Ceremony - complete with certificates and pins - polish off this memorable visit to Fort Vancouver.

More information on the Wee Dig Archaeology program will be forthcoming later this year.

Kids Digs
National Park Service staff teach students about archaeology during Kids Digs

Did You Know?

Image of Spode ceramics from the park's collections

Did you know that Fort Vancouver National Historic Site curates the world’s largest archaeological collection of Spode ceramics? More...