• Image of the reconstructed stockade at Fort Vancouver and Pearson Air Museum looking northeast from the Land Bridge.

    Fort Vancouver

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A Continuing Legacy

Photo of Supervisory Park Ranger Kimm Fox-Middleton and her daughter.

Supervisory Park Ranger Kimm Fox-Middleton manages the park's volunteer and special event programs.

NPS Photo

A Continuing Legacy

Fortunately, Fort Vancouver's connections to African American History are not relegated to the past. Today, the park continues to craft programs and exhibits that help explore the site's diverse history and connect to diversity of our community.

For example, the park's historian continues ground-breaking research into the Buffalo Soldiers who served at the site, as well as the fascinating story of the manumission of Monimia Travers.

Photo of Park Rangers with participants of the annual Summer Rites of Passage Program

Members of the Summer Rites of Passage Academy learn about U.S. Army life with Park Rangers each summer at the fort.

NPS Photo

In addition, each July the park partners with the local chapter of the NAACP and hosts the Summer Rites of Passage Academy, where African American youth participate with Park Rangers in hands-on activities that help them learn about the site's distinctive history.

Today, we continue to celebrate the park's rich African American heritage and recognize the integral role that diverse voices -- such as those of George Washington, James Douglas, and many others --play in understanding our local, regional, and national history.


Did You Know?

Image of Spode ceramics from the park's collections

Did you know that Fort Vancouver National Historic Site curates the world’s largest archaeological collection of Spode ceramics? More...