• Image of the reconstructed stockade at Fort Vancouver and Pearson Air Museum looking northeast from the Land Bridge.

    Fort Vancouver

    National Historic Site OR,WA

Application Timeline

1st Year students

First Year students learn about 19th century carpentry

Photo courtesy of Sarah Silliman

At anytime during the year, we encourage prospective students to attend events and learn more about the site.

2013 Timeline

October 1st - Candidate Application due.

November - Invitation package sent to accepted candidates.

October / November - Training for Adult Aides begins. The Student's Invitation packet includes an invitation for adults from the candidate's family to participate as an Aide, which is based on needs of the program and an interview.

Complete Timeline:

October 1

Candidate Application Deadline

October 5

Student selection

October 7

Student acceptance packets sent

October 24

Students' acceptance response due

October 24

Adult Aides for Dame School class 1

October 26

Adult Aides for Engage class 1

November 7

Adult Aides for Dame School class 2

November 15-16

Kitchen Training

November 21

Adult Aides for Dame School class 3

November 23

New Student Orientation

December 5

Adult Aides for Dame School class 4

December 7

Adult Aides for Engage class 2

December 14

Christmas at Fort Vancouver

December 28

New Student Orientation

January 11

Adult Aides for Engage class 3

January 18

Second Year School Day 1

January 25

Engage School Day 1

February 1

Dame School Day 1

February 8

Advanced Youth Interpreters "House Docent"

February 15

Second Year School Day 2

February 22

Engage School Day 2

March 1

Dame School Day 2

March 15

Second Year School Day 3

March 22

Engage School Day 3

March 29

Advanced Youth Interpreters (to be announced)

April 5

Dame School Day 3

April 12

Advanced Youth Interpreters "Rainier Revisited"

April 19

Second Year School Day 4

April 26

Engage School Day 4

May 3

Dame School Day 4

May 17

Second Year School Day 5

May 24

Engage School Day 5

May 31

Advanced Youth Interpreters (to be announced)

June 7

Dame School Day 5

June 14

Get Outdoors Day/ Brigade Encampment

Did You Know?

Image of O.O. Howard from the New York Historical Society's Civil War Treasures Collection

Did you know that a number of U.S. Army generals served at Fort Vancouver NHS’s Vancouver Barracks early in their careers? The list includes Generals Oliver O. Howard, George C. Marshall, Ulysses S. Grant, George B. McClellan, Phillip Sheridan, William T. Sherman, Omar Bradley and George Pickett. More...