• View of Fort Union Trading Post NHS from Bodmer Overlook

    Fort Union Trading Post

    National Historic Site MT,ND

Natural Features & Ecosystems

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Natural Features and Ecosystems

Fort Union is located on the north bank of the Missouri River, as the Missouri River was the primary transportation corridor on the 1800's.

FLOOD PLAINS-Because the Missouri River is controlled at Ft. Peck dam in Montana seasonal flows are regulated. Extreme flows are rare.

PRAIRIES AND GRASSLANDS-The park is actively restoring the native short grass prairie. SOIL-Soil surveys have been completed at the county level by the NRCS, but they are not available in digital format.

Did You Know?

George Catlin - Fort Union, Mouth of the Yellowstone River, 2000 Miles above St. Louis.

During George Catlin's trip up the Missouri River in 1832 he visited Fort Union Trading Post and the Knife River Indian Villages. On this trip he put to pen the idea which became the inspiration for the National Park System.