• Frost on wagons in Mechanics Corral of Fort Union

    Fort Union

    National Monument New Mexico

Things to Know Before You Come

Sunset Tour 2011 Cultural Encounters

Sunset Tour Mechanics Corral

Photographer: Volunteer Richard Gonzales


A 1.6 mile, or a shorter 0.5 mile, self-guided trail enables physically impaired visitors access by wheelchair. The park has one wheelchair available for visitor use.

For visitors with hearing impairments, wayside exhibits with text and illustrations pertaining to the history of Fort Union and other pertinent park information are situated throughout the park and in the Visitor Center. Brochures and other publications are also available.

Incoming Thunderstorm

Incoming Thunderstorm

Photogrpaher: Volunteer Richard Gonzales

Weather and Climate

New Mexico is typically sunny year-round, with a mild, semi-arid climate. Summer monsoons bring relief with sudden, but brief afternoon rainstorms. Lightning is common on park grounds. Fort Union is situated at 6,760 feet above sea level. Daytime temperatures between June and September may exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Winter temperatures often drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures may vary within 50 degrees in a 24-hour period.


Fort Union National Monument


Food, gas, lodging and other services are not available at Fort Union National Monument. The nearest places to find accommodations are Las Vegas, NM (29 miles south), or Springer, NM (54 miles north).

Camping and overnight parking are not permitted. Public and private campsites are located in Romeroville (5 mi. south of Las Vegas), and Storrie Lake State Park (6 mi. north of Las Vegas).

Rattlesnanke sign 1
Rattlesnakes are abundant during the warmer months. Please stay on designated trails at all times.

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