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    Fort Stanwix

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Cultural Resource News

Various stages of installation of the compact shelving unit.
Installation of the compact shelving unit at different stages.
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Something New for Old Stuff

As the summer season heats up at Fort Stanwix National Monument, the staff in the Division of Cultural Resources is staying cool while working on projects in the climate controlled collections storage facility. One of the major projects underway is the installation of a compact shelving system in the Marinus Willett Collection Management and Education Center. The new storage system allows the collections, which consist of nearly 500,000 archeological, historic, and ethnographic objects, to be housed on movable shelves. These shelves will free space within the collection storage area for additional objects. Additions to the collections at Fort Stanwix National Monument often consist of archeological artifacts recovered from scientific excavations within the park. Other historic objects and ethnographic objects obtained by the park, often as gifts, also contribute to the growing collection.

In 2006 the Northeast Regional Office of the National Park Service published a region wide Museum Collection Curatorial Facility Plan. Part of the plan outlined the capacity of the Marinus Willett Collection Management and Education Center to serve as a regional repository, housing portions of nearby National Park Service collections. Since 2005, Fort Stanwix National Monument has helped to store a portion of the archeological and historic collection from Martin Van Buren National Historic Site. With the installation of the compact shelving, Fort Stanwix National Monument may also be able to assist other nearby units of the National Park Service in the future with their collection storage and curation programs.

While the installation of the compact shelving system is nearing completion, the staff in the Division of Cultural Resources has months of work ahead of them to fill the shelves with the nearly 500,000 objects in the collection.

Check out the slide show for pictures showing the collection storage before and during the compact shelving installation!

To learn more about the collection storage programs in the National Park Service, visit the Museum Management Program.


Did You Know?

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On August 25, 1916, President Woodrow Wilson signed the "Organic Act" creating the National Park Service, a new bureau in the Department of the Interior.