• large wooden spikes jut out from a large wooden angular wall lit by sunlight. verdant grass surrounds it.

    Fort Stanwix

    National Monument New York

For Kids

a child in a winter jacket stands in a soldier's barracks and passes wooden muskets from a continental soldier to other kids

Children learn what it is like to become a Continental Soldier.

National Park Service

At Fort Stanwix National Monument, children are encouraged to explore, ask questions, and participate in park programs and events. At the visitor center, youth of all ages can "Build Your Own Fort" and discover the park's Junior Ranger Station!

Backyard Rangers is a monthly educational series which creates connections between youth and parks through diverse park programs and inspires kids to get outside and experience their America. Children of all ages are welcome to join these special programs!

How about becoming a Girl Scout or Boy Scout Resource Stewardship Ranger and learn how to become a steward of your National Parks?

Another way to explore the park is the Junior Ranger Booklet. It is available at the visitor center and online, and it is open to children of ALL ages!

Have fun and explore the park web pages! There are many park activities you can do right from your own home!


**Remember, children should only use the internet with the permission of their parents or guardians**

little girls standing near a ranger like soldiers mimick the motions of waving a sword
National Park Service Photo: Courtesy of VIP B. Collins

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