Geocaching in the Park


FOSM Multi-Cache Extravaganza!

Geocachers rejoice! The Fort Smith National Historic Site is proud to announce a multi-stage geocache located on our grounds! Head on over to the official Geocache website and search for GC2XVQ5 or just click this link. It is comprised of six stages with a large cache at the end. While the Visitors Center is open from 09:00am-05:00pm, the cache is available at all times. Remember that muggles abound, and while no stealth is required, please be courteous to other Park visitors as well as the historic ground you tread upon. The cache has been logged to take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours. Enjoy the long hike and maybe even learn a little history!

Standard geocaching rules apply, please remember NO DIGGING! 

The multi-cache will take a good-looking geocacher like yourself across much of our acreage, so be sure to bring your walking shoes. Most of the trip is fully accessible via sidewalks, but some excursions off the beaten path are necessary. Enjoy!


Did You Know?