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Post Sutler-Tools of the Trade

Sutler Display Display BinsBottlesBoxesShelvesBarrelsCounter

The tools of the sutler's trade that are on display in the sutler store at Fort Scott include the following:

  • Counter and Shelves-For displaying his goods.
  • Boxes and Barrels-For storing foodstuff and other items.
  • Checkerboard-Since the sutler's store was also a recreation room for the soldiers, most sutlers had checkerboards and pool tables.
  • Chalkboard-For displaying prices.
  • Scales-For weighing all items sold in bulk-nails, hard candy, etc.
  • Ledgers-Probably the most valuable of the sutler's tools were his ledgers, which he used to keep track of what goods he sold, and how much he was owed by individual soldiers.
Sutler images Chalkboard with pricesSutler with ScalesSutler with Ledgers
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Did You Know?

Park volunteer, Anatika Timmons-Lee (now deceased) portrays Anna in a dramatic presentation.

Many officers at Fort Scott in the 1840s owned slaves. One particular slave, Anna, was rented to Hiero Wilson, post sutler. Born free and educated, she was kidnapped into slavery in 1820, In 1849, she regained her freedom, married, operated a hotel in Eastern Kansas, and later became a pioneer.