• Fort Parade Ground and Officers Quarters as seen from Guardhouse

    Fort Scott

    National Historic Site Kansas

Distance Learning

Windows to the Past

Fort Scott NHS announces distance learning programs that can be accessed via videoconferencing. The site has equipment that can be used to teach lessons to classes throughout the nation. Current lessons developed are listed below, however, the staff is willing to work with you to develop lessons suitable to your needs.

If you have requests or ideas for education programs, contact the site's education coordinator Barak Geertsen. To schedule a program, call 620-223-0310.

Did You Know?

The Courier, by Gary Hawk. Artwork shows no wall around Fort Scott

Fort Scott never did have a wall around it. It was built upon a bluff which had three steep sides and opened up to prairie in a gradual slope on the south. Many forts were not built with walls at the time; the fort with a stockade is more a product of Hollywood mythology than actual fact.