• Fort Parade Ground and Officers Quarters as seen from Guardhouse

    Fort Scott

    National Historic Site Kansas

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  • Exhibits Closed

    Beginning Monday August 25, the infantry barracks museum will be closed for remodeling and to prepare for a new theater and exhibits. Work is expected to be completed by spring of 2015. The site's movie will be played in the visitor center upon request.

Guardhouse - Tools of the Trade

Leg Irons and Hand Shackles

The following tools or props would be found at the guardhouse.

Hand Shackles-similar to handcuffs.

Leg Irons-A ball and chain used to keep soldiers from running off.

Forms of punishment

Log- A form of punishment where a soldier had to stand and hold a log on his shoulder. (not shown)

Barrel-This was another form of punishment where a soldier had to stand on a barrel for an unspecified amount of time.

Sawbuck-Soldiers straddled a sawbuck like they would a horse with their arms shackled behind them and their legs tied around the beam.

Platform bed and Gun Rack

Platform Bed-A wooden platform where the guards could rest when not on patrol, but they could rest here only during the day.

Gun Rack-A place where guards rested their guns when not on patrol

Leather Fire Buckets

Leather Buckets-Used to extinguish fires. One of the duties of the guards was to watch for prairie fires and to sound the alarm in case of fire. All guards on duty would then form a bucket brigade to fight the fire.


Did You Know?

A coyote in Kansas

During their free time, the officers enjoyed hunting. Captain Swords wrote "everybody here is hunting mad, hunting and dogs constitute their thoughts by day and dreams by night" Of another officer, Swords said that "wolf chasing and duck hunting" were the only things that reconciled him to the place