• Dogwoods in bloom during the spring

    Fort Raleigh

    National Historic Site North Carolina

Fees & Reservations

No entrance fees are charged to enter the park.

Within the park, two non-federal park partners charge admission fees. Contact these partners for more information:

The Elizabethan Gardens at (252) 473-3234 or visit http://www.elizabethangardens.org

The Roanoke Island Historical Association at (252) 473-2127 or visit http://www.thelostcolony.org

To schedule a group visit, please call the Lindsay Warren Visitor Center at (252) 473-5772. There is no admission fee for school group visits.

Did You Know?

The First Colony Foundation retrieving data in the Visitor Center.

Fort Raleigh National Historic Site possesses areas where 16th century European artifacts have been discovered. The non-profit group First Colony Foundation is planning to perform archaeology in the area for the next several years. More...