Junior Ranger Worksheets

The Lost Colony
  1. England was something of a __________ to the race for the New World.
  2. Spain was already entrenched in what is now ___________ and __________.
  3. An early purpose for Raleigh's new colony was to be a base for raids against __________ shipping.
  4. Sailing from England in 1585, _____ ships carried _________ men. Among these men, ________ would settle on Roanoke Island.
  5. A _________________ brought by the settlers killed many of the Indians.
  6. __________ _________ was governor of the first colony.
  7. The colonist gave up and returned to England on ships commanded by Sir Francis _____________.
  8. The 1587 colony that became lost included _______ men, _______ women, and ______ children making a total of _________ settlers.
  9. _______ ________, the artist from the first colony, was appointed governor.
  10. On August 18th, 1587, _____________ ________ was born.
  11. After her birth, the Governor returned to England for supplies and because of the threat of the ___________ ___________ did not return till 1590.
  12. When Governor White returned to the colony, he discovered the word Croatoan carved on a _________ _________.
The Freedman's Colony
  1. The first African Slaves in the English Colonies were brought to ____________ almost 400 years ago.
  2. Slave children were often taken from their parents and _________.
  3. General ___________ attacked Roanoke Island Feb. 7, 1862.
  4. Confederate ships used the sounds and inlets of North Carolina as a water ________.
  5. ________ _______, an Army Chaplain, organized a colony for the Freed People.
  6. Hundreds of Freedmen left their families on Roanoke Island to work with the Union _________.
  7. Most of the teachers sent to the colony were free _______ and many were ________.
  8. The _________ was used as a textbook.

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