British explorers meeting with Algonquin Native Americans for the first time in 1854
The first landing on Roanoke Island in July 1584
North Carolina Office of Archives and History, Raleigh, NC.
Grade Level:
Fourth Grade
American Indian History and Culture, Colonial History, History, Naval History
45 minutes
Group Size:
Up to 36
National/State Standards:
National Standard for History:
Topic 2: Standard 3
Topic 3: Standard 5
North Carolina State Standards
4.H.1.1, 4.H.1.2, 4.H.1.3, 4.H.2.1
colonization, Roanoke Island, Fort Raleigh, 16th Century Exploration


In 1584, Walter Raleigh funded his first voyage to the New World after being granted the patent from Queen Elizabeth I and quickly set about seeking a location for his future colony. His explorers not only located Roanoke Island quickly, but had their first important interaction with the Native Algonquians in the area.


The Learner will:
  • Gain an understanding of England's first glimpse of the New World
  • Explain the interaction between the Native Algonquians in the area and the Englishmen 
  • Examine the benefits of the location of Roanoke.  


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Park Connections

Fort Raleigh National Historic site is the location of the first English colony in America.

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