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Roanoke Revisited Unit 8

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Many reactions to, and interpretations of, the Roanoke voyages by writers of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry over the centuries have been captured in print. Additionally, an arts-based approach to the study of the Roanoke colonies can expand and enlighten the student in his or her understanding and appreciation of the peoples who began an English-speaking America. Listed below are resources and additional informational flyers that will help teachers and students further explore this fascinating period of English exploration and colonization. Check regularly for completion of the subjects below and for newly added flyers that expand our understanding of the Roanoke colonies.

The Roanoke Voyages in Literature

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Did You Know?

Map of the battle of Roanoke Island, courtesy of the Library of Congress

An early major Union victory during the Civil War happened on Roanoke Island on February 8, 1862. 15,000 Union soldiers overran the Confederate garrison of only 3,000 men and opened up Eastern North Carolina to Union invasion. More...