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    Fort Raleigh

    National Historic Site North Carolina

Junior Ranger Worksheets

The Lost Colony
  1. England was something of a __________ to the race for the New World.
  2. Spain was already entrenched in what is now ___________ and __________.
  3. An early purpose for Raleigh's new colony was to be a base for raids against __________ shipping.
  4. Sailing from England in 1585, _____ ships carried _________ men. Among these men, ________ would settle on Roanoke Island.
  5. A _________________ brought by the settlers killed many of the Indians.
  6. __________ _________ was governor of the first colony.
  7. The colonist gave up and returned to England on ships commanded by Sir Francis _____________.
  8. The 1587 colony that became lost included _______ men, _______ women, and ______ children making a total of _________ settlers.
  9. _______ ________, the artist from the first colony, was appointed governor.
  10. On August 18th, 1587, _____________ ________ was born.
  11. After her birth, the Governor returned to England for supplies and because of the threat of the ___________ ___________ did not return till 1590.
  12. When Governor White returned to the colony, he discovered the word Croatoan carved on a _________ _________.
The Freedman's Colony
  1. The first African Slaves in the English Colonies were brought to ____________ almost 400 years ago.
  2. Slave children were often taken from their parents and _________.
  3. General ___________ attacked Roanoke Island Feb. 7, 1862.
  4. Confederate ships used the sounds and inlets of North Carolina as a water ________.
  5. ________ _______, an Army Chaplain, organized a colony for the Freed People.
  6. Hundreds of Freedmen left their families on Roanoke Island to work with the Union _________.
  7. Most of the teachers sent to the colony were free _______ and many were ________.
  8. The _________ was used as a textbook.

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Did You Know?

The 190 Wright Glider, Wright Brothers National Memorial

Wright Brothers National Memorial, the location where Wilbur and Orville Wright flew the first successful powered flights on December 17, 1903, is located only a few miles northeast of Fort Raleigh National Historic Site. More...