• The Battle Scarred Walls of Fort Pulaski

    Fort Pulaski

    National Monument Georgia

Fees & Reservations

Individual Fees

An entrance fee of $5.00 per person is charged for all visitors 16 years of age and older. Visitors 15 years old and under are free. Your receipt is valid for an additional 6 days of visitation.

Teachers desiring an educational fee waiver must submit the request one month prior to the group's anticipated visit.

2014 Fee Free Days

There are no entrance fees charged on these days.

January 20
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

February 15-17
Presidents Day Weekend

April 19-20
National Park Week's Opening Weekend

August 25
National Park Service's 98th Birthday

September 27
National Public Lands Day

November 11
Veterans Day

Group Rates

Commercial Vehicles, 1-6 passenger capacity -- $25.00

Commerical Vehicle, 7-25 passenger capacity -- $40.00

Commercial Vehicle, 26+ passenger capacity -- $100.00

At Fort Pulaski NM, all fee money goes toward park preservation, interpretive programs, maintenance, and numerous conservation projects. Thank you for your support!

Fort Pulaski cannons
Cannon on display inside Fort Pulaski.
FOPU Photo

Did You Know?

Savannah Gray bricks

An estimated 25 million bricks were used to construct Fort Pulaski. Many of the bricks, known as Savannah Gray, were handmade at the Hermitage Plantation on the Savannah River. Other bricks arrived from Virginia and Maryland. Fort Pulaski National Monument, Georgia