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War for Freedom

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War for Freedom: African-American Experiences in the Era of the Civil War; A Web-based Curriculum

In the four years of the American Civil War, the United States began to redeem itself from the 250-year-long-tragedy of slavery. On the battlefields of that war, and in the buildings, artifacts, documents, and stories they contain, four million African-Americans won their freedom.

War for Freedom brings teachers and students close to the day-to-day lives and thoughts of black Americans moving from enslavement to emancipation. Each War for Freedom unit guides students to do research with original historic documents, to re-create moments of drama and personal choice, and to synthesize their learning and imagination in creative collaborative projects.

Fort Pulaski National Monument is a site that looks to tell the story of African-Americans and their war for freedom during the Civil War in and around Savannah. Click on the links below to view Fort Pulaski's web-based War for Freedom curriculum. More activities will be added in the near future.


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Activity #1 African-Americans in Savannah
Activity #2 Securing Freedom
Activity #3 African-American Views on Freedom


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Did You Know?

Stars and Bars above Fort Pulaski

The First National Flag of the Confederate States of America, or the "Stars and Bars," flew over Fort Pulaski for nearly 15 months during the Civil War. Fort Pulaski National Monument, Georgia