• The Battle Scarred Walls of Fort Pulaski

    Fort Pulaski

    National Monument Georgia

Self-guided Tour Outside Fort

This guide takes your group around the outside of the fort. It is a good complement to the self-guided tour around the inside of the fort if you are dividing your group into more than one section. It correlates to Georgia Performance Standards as follows:

Social Studies Science English Language Arts
Grade 3 S3L1 ELA3LSV1
Grade 4 SS4G2 ELA4LSV1
Grade 5 SS5H1 S5E1 ELA5LSV1
Grade 6 S6E3 ELA6LSV1
Grade 7 ELA7LSV1
Grade 8 SS8H6,SS8G1 ELA8LSV1

Did You Know?

Parade ground inside Fort Pulaski

The parade ground inside Fort Pulaski National Monument stretches over two acres. Soldiers used the space for training, drilling, marching, and even for playing baseball. Fort Pulaski National Monument, Georgia