• The Battle Scarred Walls of Fort Pulaski

    Fort Pulaski

    National Monument Georgia

Self-guided Tour Inside Fort

Allow 45 minutes to one hour for a self-guided tour inside the fort with this guide. The guide correlates with the Georgia Performance Standards as follows:

Social Studies English Language Art
Grade 3 ELA3LSV1
Grade 4 SS4H5 ELA4LSV1
Grade 5 SS5H1 ELA5LSV1
Grade 6 ELA6LSV1
Grade 7 ELA7LSV1
Grade 8 SS8H6,SS8E1,SS8E2 ELA8LSV1

Did You Know?

Southeast corner repair work

The breach made in Fort Pulaski's southeast corner was repaired by Union soldiers within six weeks following the battle for the fort in 1862. Fort Pulaski National Monument, Georgia