• The Battle Scarred Walls of Fort Pulaski

    Fort Pulaski

    National Monument Georgia

For Kids

For Kids!

Fort Pulaski is a place the entire family can explore, learn, and have fun. A trip to the fort however, is not a trip strictly for adults. Children of all ages can interact with the park with a hand on approach. They can explore the ramparts, the dark casemates, or discover miles of nature trails. Children can have a unique and fresh perspective when they visit. To help forge a special relationship with the fort, we offer three programs that can help immerse a child into the Fort Pulaski experience:

Did You Know?

Fig tree inside Fort Pulaski

The large fig tree inside Fort Pulaski was planted by caretakers of the fort in the early 1900s. The tree continues to produce fruit each summer. Fort Pulaski National Monument, Georgia