• Fort Necessity (NPS photo by Debbie Martinez)

    Fort Necessity

    National Battlefield Pennsylvania

Join Our Friends

The Friends of Fort Necessity is in its infancy. Recently a group of people met with one goal in mind: a dedication to the preservation of the history of the Fort Necessity National Battlefield.

The Friends are in the process of working with the National Park Service to plan for the future of the partnership and upcoming events. A strategic planning session in the near future will help identify the many types of projects that the Friends and the National Park Service will jointly accomplish.

In order to memorialize the history of Fort Necessity National Battlefield and its role in the development of the United States, the Friends may choose to raise funds, manage assets and distribute resources, promote volunteerism at the park, and in other ways support Fort Necessity National Battlefield.

If you are interested in joining you may sign up at the Fort Necessity visitor center or e-mail us at: FriendsofFortNecessity@yahoo.com

Did You Know?

Indians and British Soldiers

The Delaware warrior Shingas initially wanted to fight with the British. He asked British Gen. Braddock if the Indians could live on the land after the French were defeated. Braddock said no Indians will own the land. Shingas got so angry he went to fight with the French.