• Fort Necessity (NPS photo by Debbie Martinez)

    Fort Necessity

    National Battlefield Pennsylvania

Where To Eat

There is no food service available within Fort Necessity National Battlefield. Snack and bottled beverages are available in the bookstore. There are several restaurants nearby offering a variety of fare, or Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the day!

Click here for restaurant list

There is a wooded picnic area within the park as well as tables near the visitor center. There are no grills available or fires allowed near the visitor center tables. The road to the picnic area contains a hairpin turn and is not accessible for Touring Coaches or large RV's.

Fort Necessity is a trash free park. Trash cans are not provided in the park. Please take your trash with you when you leave. Litter bags are provided.

Did You Know?

Painting of Washington and The Half King

George Washington’s ally, Seneca chief Tanacharison-also known as The Half King, complained that Washington “was a good-natured man but had no experience.” When referring to the fort the Half King said Washington “made no Fortifications at all, but that little thing upon the Meadow.”