• Fort Necessity (NPS photo by Debbie Martinez)

    Fort Necessity

    National Battlefield Pennsylvania

Getting Around

The historic areas of the park are located within walking distance of the Fort Necessity/National Road Interpretive and Education Center.

The fort and battlefield are located 300 yards from the Center. A level, paved walk leads from the rear of the Center to the battlefield. There are no roads or parking areas on the battlefield.

The Mount Washington Tavern is about 500 yards from the Interpretive and Education Center. The tavern is on a hill. A separate parking area is available near the Mount Washington Tavern.

The Picnic Area is about 3/4 of a mile from the Interpretive Center. Parking is available at the picnic area. Large busses (coaches) cannot negotiate the turn coming out of the picnic area loop.

There are 5 miles of hiking trails through the meadows and forests within the main unit of the park.

Jumonville Glen and Braddock's Grave are detached units of the park. Braddock's Grave is about one mile from Fort Necessity. Jumonville Glen is about 6 miles from Fort Necessity. There are no trails or public transportation between Fort Necessity, Jumonville Glen, and Braddock's Grave.

Did You Know?

Actor portraying George Washington at Fort Necessity

As a young man in the 1750’s, George Washington made four trips over the Allegheny Mountains. He was shot at by the Indians or French during each of these trips. Despite having four holes shot through his coat and two horse shot out from under him, he escaped being hit by any musket balls. More...