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Fort Necessity offers many ways for teachers and students to learn about both of the park's themes; George Washington and the French and Indian War, and the Mount Washington Tavern and the National Road.

The Curriculum Materials section has many lesson plans.

The park offers guided Field Trips for students of all ages.

You can also take a virtual field trip with a Distance Learning program.

Please feel free to contact us at 724-329-8124 or by email.


Boy rolling dough

Field Trip: Travelers and Workers

Students study the National Road; pretending to be travelers at the Mount Washington Tavern, then pretending to be workers doing the tavern chores.

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Girl loading pretend musket on field trip

Field Trip: Three Cultures in Conflict

Park rangers guide students to the fort and have them participate in hands-on activities while they learn about the French and Indian War.

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Portrait of George Washington

Washington's Birthday Art Contest

The annual George Washington's Birthday Art Contest is open to 4th - 6th graders. Entries are judged on artistic merit and historical accuracy.

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Cover of the teacher's guide

Teacher's Guide: Traveling the National Road

This 3rd grade teacher's guide on the National Road has ten units, including biographies of people along the road and their occupations.

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