• Fort Necessity (NPS photo by Debbie Martinez)

    Fort Necessity

    National Battlefield Pennsylvania

WebRangers for the Classroom

fone webranger screen

First screen of "Young George Washington's Adventure"

National Park Service

Looking for a fun and educational way to learn about young George Washington? Consider the on-line program "Young George Washington's Adventures."

This program is written in the graphic novel style and follows Washington's 1753 winter journey across western Pennsylvania. The activities throughout the story will help your students learn about this military expedition that made the 21 year old Washington famous.

"Young George Washington's Adventures" is part of the National Park Service's WebRangers interactive on-line activities for children. There are over 50 programs on many different subjects. If you would like your students to sign up as WebRangers and get credit for completing activities please go to the WebRangers Ranger Station www.nps.gov/WebRangers/ to enter. If you would like to do "Young George Washington's Adventure" without going through the WebRangers sign in process please go to www.webrangers.us/activities/youngwashington/.


Did You Know?

Captain Stobo

After the battle at Fort Necessity, hostage Captain Stobo was held by the French at Fort Duquesne. Given some freedom, he drew a map of the fort and had an Indian smuggle it to the British. The map was captured by the French and Stobo tried for treason. He was found guilty but managed to escape.