• Aerial View of Fort Larned

    Fort Larned

    National Historic Site Kansas

Your Dollars At Work

Disassembled commissary wall.

Restoration work on the Old Commissary, 2005.


Fort Larned National Historic Site is committed to preserving the fort's structures and historic character as completely and as accurately as possible. To do so, the park performs ongoing historic structures restoration to preserve the structures to the greatest possible extent. Some of this work has turned up interesting discoveries such as the McLaughlin Stone.

Your federal tax dollars allow the park to hire paid staff to maintain the fort and to provide visitor services including living history and tours.

Fort Larned also relies on volunteers and donations to provide the highest level of service possible. Thank you for your support!

Did You Know?

Sandhill Cranes

Fort Larned NHS is located along the Central Flyway, a major bird migration route. In addition to birdwatching opportunities at Fort Larned, nearby wildlife refuges offer world-class birdwatching. More...