Material Culture of the Plains, Prairie and Plateau Indians

Material Culture of the Plains, Prairie, and Plateau 2013 Conference

Fort Larned National Historic Site is partnering with the group, Material Culture of the Plains, Prairie, and Plateau (MCPPP) to bring their annual conference to the area, which includes special programs that will appeal to everyone. The public is invited to participate in the annual conference of the MCPPP which will be held September 19 thru 22, 2013, at Larned, Kansas. The theme of this year's seminar is: Tipis and Daily Camp Life.

Currently we have people registered from 18 states, as well as Germany.

The conference will feature traditional Power Point presentations. Presentations will include the following topics: History of Cloth Tipis; Two Crow Painted Tipis; Animal Effigies in Art; Southern Plains Trade and Traders; Sioux Buffalo Hide Tipi; Dog Travois; Southern Plains Men's Leggings; Northern Cheyenne Ledger Art; Lakota Tipi Etiquette.

There will also be half a dozen tipis set up on display. These tipis will be fully furnished with reproductions of Lakota, Cheyenne, Arapaho, and Kiowa, all tribes that camped near and associated with Fort Larned. The tipis will be furnished in the mid 1860's furnishings. There will be a hand sewn Kiowa tipi, patterned after an original in Oklahoma State Historical Society, as well as a handmade brain tanned buffalo hide tipi on display.

One part of the tipi village will be a demonstration of how Indian saddles, travois, and other horse equipment were used on their horses. Another lecture, will allow you to try your hand at various Indian games. And finally, a sampling of traditional foods including buffalo and prairie turnips, stuffed guts, blood pudding, stewed chokecherries, and various other dishes.

Friday's program will be at the Larned Community Center. Saturday the event will move to Fort Larned, for more presentations, and visiting the tipi village. Sunday will include an auto tour to the Cheyenne-Sioux village site, which was captured and destroyed by General Hancock in 1867.

The registration fee of $125 will include not only the two days of presentations, but also a hamburger lunch and pizza dinner at Fort Larned on Saturday.

For more information go to or or contact Ken Weidner at 620-668-5249, or cell phone 620-272-7314

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