• Aerial View of Fort Larned

    Fort Larned

    National Historic Site Kansas

For Teachers

Whether you are talking about issues of race, class, gender, the Santa Fe Trail, American Indians, or the history of the American west, Fort Larned can provide your students with a unique, hands-on experience to augment classroom learning.

Our new Education Brochure will provide you with more information.

Plan a Field Trip to Fort Larned and schedule a ranger-guided tour for your class.

Curriculum Materials include lesson plans for learning about issues regarding the people who lived at Fort Larned. These lessons are a great way to prepare for a class visit to Fort Larned or to learn about issues of race, class, and gender in 19th-century Kansas.

Traveling Trunks, geared for elementary students, bring short historical fiction stories to life with real objects. Schedule a visit with a park ranger or park volunteer and the trunk.

Did You Know?


Entertainment for Fort Larned's soldiers included checkers and cards in the barracks, bowling and billiards at the sutler's store, foot races, and "base-ball."