Online Research Sites

The following online resources include primary resources such as diaries and letters, as well as essays and interactive history sites.
"An Introducation to James E. Oglethorpe" by Scott White
Oglethorpe's: "An Account of the Provinces of South Carolina and Georgia" 1732.
Percival (aka Lord Egmont) was one of the more active members of the Georgia Trustees.
Website contains many links to various digitized colonial records such as wills and maps.
This website has online digitized copies of come of the Colonial Records of Georgia, a series of volumes collecting early documents of the Georgia Trustees.
Visit this site to learn about the British Army during the 18th century. Join up and "experience" life as an infantryman.
Link to Colonial Williamsburg's clothing history and online activites.
Link to Colonial Williamsburg's "Kid's Zone" with online activities, puzzles, and games.

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