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    Fort Dupont Park

    District of Columbia

For Teachers

Fort Dupont Park offers teachers a plethora of opportunities for their students to learn in the parks.

From nature hikes and gardening classes to Civil War programs the staff at Fort Dupont Park can work with you offer what is best for your class. To contact us please call 202-426-7723 or e-mail us.

Please visit our sister park, Civil War Defenses of Washington, for more information about our classroom curriculum package.

Did You Know?

Mountain Laurel

Every spring visitors to Fort Dupont Park experience the re-birth of several beautiful wildflowers, shrubs and trees, including the Mountain Laurel (Kalmia latifolia L.) shown to the left. Mountain Laurel likes to grow in the Park's upland region along the ridge line in several civil war sites in and around the park. More...