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  • 02/16/2015

    Dover Hotel
    Location: Fort Donelson Methodist Church, Dover (420 Church Street) | Map Time: 11:00 AM Fee Information: None Contact Name: Douglas J. Richardson Contact Email: e-mail us Contact Phone Number: (931)232-5706, ext. 108

On this date, 153 years ago, Confederate General Simon B. Buckner surrendered Fort Donelson, its garrison, and himself, to US Brigadier General Ulysses S. Grant.

On February 16, 2015, Fort Donelson National Battlefield will commemorate this momentous occasion. General Grant and General Buckner will make an appearance.

Visitors will have the opportunity to experience a "press conference" with Generals Grant and Buckner, with Fort Donelson historian Kendall Gott participating.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to hear the words of a sermon given at this church by David Kelley, once aide to Confederate Nathan Bedford Forrest...words taken from a sermon given in 1897.

 After these vignettes, visitors are welcomed to light refreshments very kindly provided by the ladies of Fort Donelson United Methodist Church.

We appreciate the kindness and hospitality of Dr. Tom Binford and the congregation at the Methodist Church.

Details will be posted here.



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