• The legendary battle between Confederate guns and US ironclads at Fort Donelson, February 14, 1862.

    Fort Donelson

    National Battlefield Tennessee

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Adult Pair of Nesting Eagles
Adult pair of the Nesting Eagles
Connie Wilson

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Please visit the Photo Gallery page and explore the battlefield through the virtual tour, see our American Bald Eagles, and the many scenic, natural and cultural resources which make Fort Donelson National Battlefield the treasure it truly has become.

Did You Know?


There was a significant enslaved population in Stewart County, TN, before and during the 1862 battle. After the Union victories at Forts Heiman, Henry and Donelson, many freedom seeking slaves sought refuge at these forts, even establishing a community near today's Fort Donelson National Cemetery.