• The legendary battle between Confederate guns and US ironclads at Fort Donelson, February 14, 1862.

    Fort Donelson

    National Battlefield Tennessee

Park Statistics

Park Size: 1007 acres (as of 2010)

Annual Visitation:

Total Visits: 705,397 (Fiscal Year 2010)

Recreational: 208,887

Annual Budget: $1,516,000.00

Staff: 14 Full Time Employees (FTE)

National Designation:

National Military Park:March 26, 1928

National Battlefield:August 16, 1985


Roads: 3 Miles

Bridges: 3 Footbridges

Buildings: 13

Recreational Resources:

Visitor Center
: 1

Hiking Trails: 5.7 Miles

Picnic Tables: 13

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

The embrasures at Fort Donelson were constructed of sand bags lined with rawhide. The rawhide was wet down to prevent the bags from catching fire during an engagement.