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Fort Donelson

Good reference on Fort Donelson

Eastern National/ NPS

This marvelous booklet features a solid history of the 1862 Campaign for Forts Heiman, Henry and Donelson, written by noted historian, and former park historian, Dr. Benjamin F. Cooling.

It also includes a brief history of a subsequent battle in the area, the February 3, 1863, Battle of Dover.

This book was published and made possible by Eastern National.

USS Carondelet

USS Carondelet


Some additional histories of this battle and campaign, as well as some histories of the park, can be found here.

(You may need to scroll down to "F.")

The Civil War Trust

The Civil War Trust

The Civil War Trust, a nonprofit partner of the National Park Service, has a variety of tools, including maps, brief histories, multimedia applications, that will enrich your Civil War curriculum.

You can find all of this here.

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