Supporting Fort Donelson for Future Generations

We greatly appreciate your interest in supporting the continuing effort to operate and preserve Fort Donelson National Battlefield and Fort Donelson National Cemetery.

If you wish, you can make a donation directly to the park, by using the donation boxes inside the park's visitor center, or at the Dover Hotel. You can also mail a check to the park (we will provide a request upon receipt):

Fort Donelson National Battlefield

PO Box 434

Dover, Tennessee 37058

We sincerely thank you for your willingness to support the park and its many ongoing projects. We are always seeking help with the following projects:

·Establishing bus transportation endowment for Parks as Classrooms Program. With the increase of fuel, insurance, and bus rental costs, more schools are facing challenges while arranging an educational field trip to the park. Today's students are tomorrow's stewards of our National Parks.

· Paint, maintain, replace cannons and carriages, monuments and historic War Department iron tablets. Many of the War Department plaques found in the park today are in a state of deterioration. They have become important historical objects in their own right.

· Establish, maintain and sustain eagle cam, web connection. The park is proud to be the home of two American Bald Eagles. One of our dreams is to create a web camera to to catch a glimpse into their everyday lives, and share our friends with people from around the world.

· Support community outreach efforts...whether it be to a school, fraternal organization, nursing or assisted living home, it is our hope to bring the stories of Fort Donelson to those who might not able to visit the park themselves.

No administrative cost is deducted from your gift. Your check will be deposited in a government account and the full amount will be spent to support interpretive, educational, maintenance and preservation efforts at the park. Government accounts are non-interest bearing and cannot generate interest between the time it is deposited and the time it is spent.

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