• Photo by: Max Kandler

    Fort Davis

    National Historic Site Texas



  • Interpretation: Duties include helping at the Visitor Center desk and/or being a living history interpreter/docent wearing reproduction 19th-century attire provided by the park. Required reading is mandatory for all visitor service positions.
  • Library: Assisting with research projects, indexing microfilmed historical records, and cataloging books, photos, or maps.
  • Resource Management: Duties include hiking nature trails, litter removal, and looking for signs of safety hazards or vandalism.


  • Clerical assistance: Typing, filing, copying, collating, stamping/stuffing envelopes, performing computer-related tasks.


  • Curatorial Assistants: Activities involve working with park museum collection and assisting the curator.

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Did You Know?

Wagon at Fort Davis NHS.

Fort Davis is located 400 miles from San Antonio and 200 miles from Franklin (present-day El Paso) on the San Antonio-El Paso Road. The road experienced an upsurge of traffic in the early 1850s following the discovery of gold in California.