• Photo by: Max Kandler

    Fort Davis

    National Historic Site Texas


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The Friends of Fort Davis National Historic Site is a nonprofit organization which exists to support activities approved by the National Park Service for which congressionally appropriated funds are not available. The group provides money for such activities as historic preservation and restoration, education and cultural programs, research and planning. To donate to or become a member of the Friends’ group, please contact them at P.O. Box 1023, Fort Davis, Texas 79734 or through their website: info@ffdnhs.org or www.ffdnhs.org

Did You Know?

Old photo of Fort Davis post hospital.

Scurvy swept the garrison at Fort Davis in the spring of 1868, and the post surgeon, Daniel Weisel, stressed the necessity of including plenty of fresh vegetables in the diet. In 1869 he persuaded Colonel Merritt, the fort’s commander, to start a post garden.