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Slave Trade Connections

The history and legacy of slavery in the United States, as well as the story of the Middle Passage and the triangular trade, are told at national parks and taught in schools. Yet not as much is taught about the origins of the slave trade.

In 2008, a representative from Les Anneaux de la Memoire (The Shackles of Memory Association) came from Nantes, France to Kingsley Plantation and gave a presentation about the slave trade. His presentation focused on the global slave trade economy and new technological advances that allowed nations to send explorers across the Atlantic Ocean. These contributed to the rise of slavery in the Americas. In 2010, another presentation was given about slave rebellion on board French slave ships.

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This website and its materials were created by Carol S. Clark, National Park Service. Funding for the immersion experience in France, reference materials, and French courses was provided by a grant from the National Park Foundation. The follow-up to the experience is the curriculum unit and two wayside exhibit panels produced in partnership with the Shackles of Memory Association in Nantes, France.


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