• Knightia eocaena mass mortality

    Fossil Butte

    National Monument Wyoming


Intermountain Natural History Association (INHA) is a nonprofit organization assisting the National Park Service in its educational, interpretive and scientific programs throughout the intermountain west. Known as a "cooperating association," INHA's goals include enhancing visitors' understanding and appreciation of public lands by providing a selection of quality, educational materials for sale in many visitor centers. A percentage of sales is returned to the National Park Service and other federal land management agencies.

To learn more, shop online or become a member, visit www.INHAweb.com. Staff are also available by phone during normal business hours at (800) 845-3466.

Did You Know?

pronghorn antelope

There are more pronghorn antelope in the state of Wyoming than people. One hundred or so spend the spring, summer, and fall in Fossil Butte National Monument.