• Knightia eocaena mass mortality

    Fossil Butte

    National Monument Wyoming


View from Cundick Ridge

Monument landscape.

NPS photo

Five hundred and twenty different kinds of plants were documented in Fossil Butte National Monument by fall 2003.

In 1984, Dr. Robert Dorn and his coworkers mapped and categorized the monument's vegetation into fourteen types: Aquatic (rooted in water), Aspen, Barren, Alkali Sagebrush (low sage); Basin Big Sagebrush, Mountain Shrub, Saline, Wet Meadow, and Willow. Their distribution is controlled primarily by the depth, clay, and moisture content of the soil, but some types, like the Barren type, which occurs on ridgetops, are controlled by the force of the wind.

Did You Know?

Chisternon undatum, Western Paleo Labs photo

The Green River Formation includes the best paleontological record of Tertiary aquatic communities in North America and possibly the world.