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  • Fossil Butte National Monument

    Fossil Education Kit

    Fossil Education Kit

    This kit and curriculum is intended to aid teachers presenting the concepts of past life and fossils to second and third grade students. The guide is organized into four units: Unit 1, fossilization and human influences (second grade); Unit 2, adaptation, (third grade), Unit 3, community, (third grade) and Unit 4 human influences (third grade). It accompanies a traveling trunk that contains everything a teacher needs to teach about fossils.

  • Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument

    Hagerman's Fun Fossil Traveling Trunks

    Hagerman's Fun Fossil Traveling Trunks

    The Traveling Trunk is available for grade levels 4-6 or 7-12. It includes casts of horse skulls representing a portion of the evolution of horses, geologic samples from the Monument, books, DVDs, and a curriculum guide. The trunk provides a variety of information about Idaho, the Oregon Trail, as well as paleontology and geology.

Did You Know?

winter elk herd

Approximately 300 elk winter in Fossil Butte National Monument and are often visible from the visitor center.