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    Flight 93

    National Memorial Pennsylvania

Plant a Tree at Flight 93

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Over the course of two days, April 17-18, 2015, the National Park Service, the Friends of Flight 93, and the National Park Foundation continued a major reforestation effort that will eventually result in large areas of new forest at the memorial.

2012: 500+ volunteers planted over 13,000 seedlings over 20 acres.

2013: 500+ volunteers planted over 15,500 seedlings over 23 acres.
2014: 500+ volunteers planted over 19,500 seedlings over 30 acres.

These trees, which are a mixture of several native species, will form an essential windbreak to protect trees planted in the nearby Memorial Groves. Much of what is now the memorial is a former surface coal mine and this effort will also help re-establish woodland wildlife habitats and to cultivate a living memorial.



Map of the reforestation effort and other tree planting 2012-2014
Map of the 2012-2014 reforestation efforts and plantings at Flight 93 National Memorial
National Park Service

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