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Plant a Tree at Flight 93

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Over the course of two days, April 25-26, 2014, the National Park Service, the Friends of Flight 93, and the National Park Foundation continued a major reforestation effort that will eventually result in large swaths of new forest at the memorial.

2012: 500+ volunteers planted over 13,000 seedlings over 20 acres.

2013: 500+ volunteers planted over 15,500 seedlings over 23 acres.

2014: Planning to plant 19,500 seedlings over 30 acres.

These trees, which are a mixture of several native species, will form an essential windbreak to protect trees planted in the nearby Memorial Groves. Much of what is now the memorial is a former surface coal mine and this effort will also help re-establish woodland wildlife habitats and to cultivate a living memorial.


Map of the reforestation effort and other tree planting 2012-2014
Map of the 2012-2014 reforestation efforts and plantings at Flight 93 National Memorial
National Park Service

Did You Know?

Visitors at the Wall of Names

In 2012 over 317,900 people visited the Flight 93 National Memorial in rural southwestern Pennsylvania.