• Wall of Names, part of the Memorial Plaza at the crash site

    Flight 93

    National Memorial Pennsylvania

Event Details

  • Multiple Days: 05/30/2014, 06/04/2014, 06/06/2014, 06/11/2014, 06/13/2014, 06/18/2014, 06/20/2014, 06/25/2014, 06/27/2014

    Location: Memorial Plaza a the crash site, benches by flagpole Time: 3:00 PM to 3:30 PM Fee Information: Free

Location: Memorial Plaza, Gathering Court benches near flagpole
Time: 3 pm

Programs provide a general introduction to the events, actions, and people related to the story of Flight 93 and Flight 93 National Memorial.

Location is outdoors and all programs are weather dependent.