• Wall of Names, part of the Memorial Plaza at the crash site

    Flight 93

    National Memorial Pennsylvania

Park Boundary and Lands

Fact Sheets


Approved Boundary Map - January 2005 (PDF-1.25 MB)

News Releases
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  • NPS Signs Agreement with Owners on Land for Flight 93 Memorial (8/31/09)
  • Statement from NPS Acting Director on Land Negotiation Progress (6/12/09)
  • Secretary Salazar Gives NPS and Landowners Deadline for Agreement (6/5/09)
  • NPS Acquisition of 950 acres from Families of Flight 93
  • Message from Superintendent (5/22/09)
  • Message from the Flight 93 Partners (5/15/09)
  • Message from the Flight 93 Partners (5/12/09)
  • Joint agreement between NPS, Families of Flight 93 and Svonavec, Inc.
  • NPS acquires 57 additional acres for Memorial

Interim Boundary

  • Resolution 0301 of Flight 93 Advisory Commission: Interim Boundary Advice to Secretary of Interior (11/14/03)
  • Draft Resource Zone Map for Flight 93 NM (1/15/04)
  • Memo from NPS Regional Director, Northeast Region, to NPS Director, recommending and transmitting resolution 0301 of Flight 93 Advisory Commission (2/12/04)
  • Memo from NPS Director to Secretary of Interior transmitting resolution 0301 (2/18/04)
  • Memo from Secretary of Interior accepting resolution 0301

Recommended and Approved Boundary

  • Resolution 0401: Flight 93 Advisory Commission recommending boundary to Secretary of Interior (7/30/04)
  • Letter from Flight 93 Advisory Commission to Secretary of Interior transmitting recommended boundary (9/23/04)
  • Letter from Secretary of Interior to NPS Director Approving Resolution 0401 approving boundary for Flight 93 NM (1/11/05)
  • Letter from Secretary of Interior to Flight 93 Advisory Commission Chairman approving Resolution 0401 approving boundary (1/14/05)
  • Federal Register Notice establishing boundary (3/21/05)
  • Resolution 0601: Flight 93 Advisory Commission reconfirming boundary delineation recommended to Secretary of Interior on July 29, 2004 (2/18/06)
  • Memo from Flight 93 NM Superintendent to NPS Director on re-evaluation of Flight 93 NM as requested by Congress (3/1/06)

Did You Know?

Looking over the U.S. Capitol at The Mall in Washington DC

On September 11, 2001 United Flight 93 was only 20 minutes flight time from the nation's capital when the passengers and crew of the plane rushed the cockpit in an effort to overpower the hijackers. Flight 93 crashed in a field outside the town of Shanksville in rural southwestern Pennsylvania. More...