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    Flight 93

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Christine Ann Snyder

Age: 32
Hometown: Kailua, HI
Occupation: Arborist and Project Manager, The Outdoor Circle
Reason for travel: attending a conference

Hawaii native, Christine Ann Snyder, 32, was a Project Manager and certified Arborist for The Outdoor Circle, Hawaii's oldest nonprofit environmental group. According to her family, the beautification of Hawaii was her profession, pride, and joy. During her six years with The Outdoor Circle, Chris supervised volunteers in planting trees and worked to protect trees and landscapes from development. She held a degree in political science from the University of Hawaii. On September 11 she was returning from the National Urban Forestry Conference in Washington, D.C. and an impromptu, first-time visit to New York City. A connecting flight in San Francisco would have taken Snyder home to Kailua, Hawaii and her husband of just three months.

Did You Know?

Recovery personnel ringing the

In past September 11 ceremonies, first responders, community leaders and recovery workers have participated by ringing the "Bells of Remembrance." The bells ring during the time of the crash, 10:03 AM, while the names of Flight 93 crew and passengers are read aloud.