• Massive petrified redwood stumps

    Florissant Fossil Beds

    National Monument Colorado

Demonstration Fossil Lab

Visitors enjoy the fossil lab.
Visitors learning about the Paleontology Program at Florissant Fossil Beds.
NPS Photo by Sheena Grabski
Volunteer Dr. Bob Carnein demonstrates splitting shale.

Volunteer Dr. Bob Carnein demonstrates how the Paleontology department splits shale to find delicate carbon impression fossils.

NPS Photo by Sheena Grabski

Help a Ranger release a fossil imprisoned for 34 million years!

Free them so they can enrich our story of Ancient Florissant.

Take "Paleontology 101" and learn how our Paleontology department excavates the shale beds and how they split the shale to find wonderful fossils. Try to identify a new discovery and learn how we prepare each fossil to become part of our collection.

Did You Know?


Fossil mammals are rare from the Florissant fossil beds, but a mountain mole was recently discovered, making it the oldest record in North America.