Teacher to Ranger to Teacher

National parks connect people to the natural and cultural heritage of the United States, but many American children aren’t reached by current park offerings. The Teacher to Ranger to Teacher (TRT) program offers one solution.

Under TRT, selected teachers spend their summer working as park rangers, often living in a park. They perform various duties depending on their interests and the needs of the park, including developing and presenting programs for the general public, staffing the visitor center desk, developing curriculum-based materials for the park, or taking on special projects.

Then, during the school year, these teacher-rangers bring the parks back into their classrooms through lessons that draw on their summer experiences. During National Park Week in April, teacher-rangers wear their NPS uniforms to school, discuss their summer as a park ranger, and engage students and other teachers in activities that relate to America’s national parks.

  • Eligible teachers can participate at any NPS site involved with the TRT program.
  • TRTs will be compensated at a rate of $300 per week for an eight to ten week period. In addition, park sites will provide the TRT with a uniform and housing where applicable.
  • TRT participants are required to wear their uniform in the classroom during National Parks Week in April 2009.

For a list of participating parks, visit the Wupatki National Monument website’s TRT page (as shown at the right, by clicking on more…)

Teacher Flyer (8 1/2" x 14") (PDF)

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