• Massive petrified redwood stumps

    Florissant Fossil Beds

    National Monument Colorado

Unit One: The Nature of Science

Topics Covered
Scientific Hypothesis
Observation and Inference
Qualitative and Quantitive

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Unit One - Complete[1.4mb]

Lesson 1
Three Hole Bottle Demo[9k]

Three Hole Bottle Demo Report [12.3k]

Lesson 2
Scientific Method[415k]

Lesson 3
Blind men of Indostan Poem[182k]

Lesson 4
Can You Spot the Scientific Method?[17k]

Lesson 5
Performing an Experiment[16k]

Lesson 6
Observation / Inference sheet[393k]

Lesson 7
Fortune Teller Fish[27k]

Lesson 8: Quiz
Inferences and Observations[7k]

Lesson 9
Qualitative Vs. Quantitative[10k]

Lesson 10
Cookie Lab[20k]

General Biology Unit Exam[36k]

Did You Know?

Photo of 14 foot wide, 12 foot tall petrified tree stump of a redwood

The massive petrified redwood stump known as the "Big Stump" is not actually the largest diameter stump at Florissant Fossil Beds. The "Big Stump" measures 38 feet in circumference, but the biggest stump is over 41 feet.